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Become a Patient

Oasis Hospital sees patients at all points in their care, from diagnosis, to treatment, to follow-up. Contact us today to learn how you can become a patient, schedule a free phone consultation with one of our physicians, and get information about admissions.

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Patient Medical Questionnaire

To expedite the admissions process, please fill out the medical questionnaire. After reviewing your medical information, a health specialist will contact you and in order to schedule a free phone consultation with one of our doctors.

Passport Information

You will need a valid passport or passport card to cross the border from the United States into Mexico. Please note that U.S. passport cards are to be used only for ground border crossings only, and are not suitable for air travel. Patients traveling from Canada or other countries will need a valid passport.

Your patient coordinator knows the requirements for documentation for travelling to Mexico, so please don’t hesitate to ask them if you have questions. U.S. citizens can visit the U.S. State Department website to apply if you don’t already have a valid U.S. passport or passport card. Canadian citizens can find out more at the Canadian passport website.


Driving Directions

1. Take I-5 South to the INTERNATIONAL BORDER.

2. Stay on the right hand lane and take the exit named “ENSENADA ROSARITO SCENIC ROAD” you want to make sure that you follow this sign. Making a right turn towards the scenic road to PLAYAS DE TIJUANA.

3. You will drive for a couple of miles making your way up to the top of a big hill. At the top of the hill the road will curve to the left and head downhill. Towards the bottom of the road will split to the RIGHT, again, the SIGN will say ROSARITO, ENSENADA AND PLAYAS.

4. Take this split to the right and follow it until you come to the exit PLAYAS DE TIJUANA. From the split to the exit is about 1 mile.

5. Take the exit straight down into PLAYAS and go to the SECOND STOP LIGHT.

6. The HOSPITAL will be on your LEFT and the BULLRING by the sea will be on your right. The hospital is a FOUR STORY, PEACH STUCCO AND GLASS BUILDING.

7. Our local phone number is (619)690-8417

Physical Address

Paseo Playas #19, Sección Monumental, Playas de Tijuana
Tijuana, Baja California. Mexico 22504